Requested by Bianca


I want to thank @Birdie for such a fun list request! Without getting too into boring music theory and the esoteric jargon, here are a few of my favorite simple guitar chords; fun for 9 to 99! But if I see any centennials or 8 year olds attempting these chords I swear to the Eighth Dynamic, I will lose my shit. Enjoy! [:
  1. Em7
    Love the usage of this chord by The Growlers on "Rare Hearts" on the rhythm. It's a sad chord with a romantic tinge. At least that's what I hear! Em shape, add the seventh and repeat the D note on top and presto, you have a confusing ass sentence. It's just your pinky and ring finger joining the party on the 3rd fret! Fun and sad! F'saund!
  2. D7#9 - Hendrix chord
    Dominant seventh sharp ninth. The Beatles used it as the "Getty chord", taught to George by Jim Getty who worked at Hessey's music shop in Liverpool. My favorite usage of George's D7#9 is on "Tll there was you", as the cherry to the solo. David Gilmour used it in and out of solos on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and peppered in on "Breathe". And oh yeah, Jimi ham-fisted the PORK out of this jazz chord. Ham-fisted is such a funny phrase. I'm going to try to incorporate it more into my day to day.
  3. Fadd9
    This ham-fisted chord is very situation setting. A favorite usage of it is on The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night". Many replicate the chord as a G7sus4, but the famous opening actually facilitates usage of Fadd9 by way of George's electric 12 string. An F with a third fret G on the top e string. This chord is near and dear because upon learning to play "I'm a loser", I struggled with the chord progression and timing due to the pinky on that added 9th on G. Apropos of the song title. I'm a Loser.
  4. F–B♭–A♭–D♭ power chord progression
    Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" power chord progression. Used time and again by many, noticeable on The Pixies' "U-Mass" and even down to Boston's "More Than A Feeling". But I still consider it Cobain as fuck. Fun to imagine 'Ol 90's Grohl coming in as you strum. Fun to break your strings to also.
  5. B7
    This is that classic twangy sounding 7th chord. Johnny cash inserts it in "Folsom Prison Blues" on the parts of the song that hit reality. After his day dreaming subsides, this B7 whips him back. Plus, it's the chord shape used to pluck the little Diddy in the beginning by the man in black. Awesome.