Long before cycle 7 of ANTM, I've been befuddled as to of how one grasps a sense of style and icons. The truth truly lies authentically in the transparent search of legitimacy, for reals. So here I give you, humble reader, a list I made in 12 minutes.
  1. One trend I can always marvel at is "Man on street". I can't tell if he lives in cardboard or dances on it. Either way, this joke is in bad taste. Dope coat.
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  2. Again, the homeless are not a viable subject matter for crude humor. So I axe'd the "black Hemingway" line and I'll let the image do the talking. Guy's hat is fresh.
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  3. Style may fade, but trends are forever. Take notes, fuckwads. 🖕🏼
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  4. I'm really getting into casual blankets. Also, I feel wearable casual pillow cases and bed comforters are coming back in a BIG way this season. So those are in CONSTANT rotation, for sure.
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  5. Another pristine example of a high fashion man blanket in public. Also known simply as a H'FMaBlaP. Alls I need are some trousers, my poly-thin-posite™ T-shirt in eggshell white, my button down cross-micro twilled button up shirt, my brush-aged sueded leather military inspired zipper-toggle button over coat, plus my H'FMaBlaP, and I'm out the do'.
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  6. Nothing says men's footwear like ancient traditional stylō. Am I right, fellas?
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  7. And last, but not least ... what the actual FUCK is this guy wearing?!
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