I would like to preface with how this yogurt is very much a probiotic.
  1. I wanted good yogurt
    And like good for you yogurt.
  2. So I bought some honey vanilla greek yogurt
    It sounded good as hell
  3. I had it for breakfast the other morning, it tasted great
    All was good with the world.
  4. Had it again for breakfast this morning. Again, enjoyed it a lot.
  5. On the way to my show tonight, I decided to eat the other half of the entire container
  6. Lots of probiotics = burping more than they did in Willy Wonka when they drank that illegal soda
    I should have taken my antibiotics today of all days, oops.
  7. Show starts, my tummy is a rumblin'
  8. First scene is happening, cue vomit.
    Thankfully in a bathroom.
  9. It's a good thing I didn't have anything to do during that part
  10. I'm probably going to buy more tomorrow.