Courtesy of @MrPendleton. If you are unfamiliar, when I work on a show I have a warmup that I must do before each run where I lay face first on the stage and basically take a nap like the lazy piece of shit I am. Here is why it is so great.
  1. I came up with it.
  2. What better way is there to work properly in a space besides becoming one with the stage?
    I am half way done with my Theatre and Performance Studies degree, I know what I'm talking about.
  3. I never actually 'sleep' (whatever that is).
    I need some bit of rest before each night of being on my feet and running around backstage.
  4. Laying on the floor is actually very comfortable and good for your back.
    and much better than the shitty mattress I have right now.
  5. Someone's gotta be the catalyst for a cuddle puddle...
  6. Lin-Manuel Miranda did it once during tech week of Hamilton
    an act of genius before the genius did it