Things I had to go through to get

Probably not my ideal inaugural post, but...
  1. Delete precious pics off my iPad. Ok, not precious - mostly pics my kids took of the floor or wall or something else unidentifiable. And yeah, they used up tons of storage space without me knowing it bc the iPad is a fantastic babysitter when I have to get things done. What of it?
  2. Clear off a zillion other things from the iPad that I never use. Until tomorrow when I'll desperately need them.
  3. Change my Apple ID password because I can never EVER remember it.
  4. Get off the couch to get my wallet bc even though it's a free app, Apple doesn't want me trying to make purchases without a valid credit card on file. Too bad I've never paid for an app ever.
  5. Come up with a clever, yet not trying too hard, relevant but not so trendy it won't be funny in the future, user name.
  6. Wonder if user names can be changed after the fact.
  7. Experience username remorse.
  8. And after all that,I'll be able to sleep tonight knowing I haven't lost my BFF, who has been bugging me for 21 years to get this app and who I think was dangerously close to cutting all friendship ties.