1. Not even trying to bury the lead. She's awesome. I miss her.
  2. All my other (secondary, obviously) friends and family
    That's right, @doodler19 gets her own bullet. Why? Have you seen her lists? She's creative and hilarious and, well, see bullet one.
  3. Normal-sized bugs
    I'm not freaked out by most bugs. At least I wasn't. Then I moved to Georgia. These things are insane. Found a full-on centipede in my bathroom. Like, 100 legs, the whole bit. Now I'm apparently freaked out by bugs. Thank goodness I live in a house with two little boys whose motto is "the grosser, the better." (Admittedly, however, "thank goodness" was not my attitude when my 7 year old son brought a frog into the house the other day.)
  4. Being one of those lucky girls who "just doesn't sweat"
    How obnoxious was I? I actually used to humble brag about how I don't sweat. "I don't know why, isn't that so weird? I just, like, never sweat!" In my defense, I really didn't. Then I moved to Georgia.
  5. Stewart's
    Ice cream, not coffee
  6. Allergies that only made me feel half dead
  7. Because some things just can't be emphasized enough.