Travel with Phil Rosenthal to explore the city's best dim sum, shumai, yakitori and Sichuan. Just be sure to watch the episode before diving into the century old eggs at Megan’s Kitchen. You’ve been warned.
  1. Tim Ho Wan
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    Tim Ho Wan proves that great cuisine doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive cuisine: the restaurant has earned the distinction of being the least expensive restaurant in the world with a Michelin star. It is here Phil eats dim sum and learns how to make Tom Ho Wan's famous pork buns.
  2. Megan’s Kitchen
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    When Phil meets some new friends in a private dining room at Megan’s Kitchen, a renowned hot pot restaurant, little does he know that he’ll be trying century old eggs, a Chinese delicacy. Phil sums up the flavor in one word: “Ammonia.”
  3. Medicine Street
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    Phil and Professor Li Xi Laong, head of traditional Chinese medicine at the University of Hong Kong, head to Medicine Street in an attempt to assuage Phil’s many aches and pains.
  4. Yardbird
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    Recommended by his friend Nancy Silverton, Phil finds that Yardbird is classic Hong Kong: a mashup of a restaurant sitting in the middle of a mashup of a city. Run by Canadian chef Matt Abergel, the yakitori restaurant serves up a feast of tempura, kimchi, chicken thigh and tail — all washed down with plenty of homemade, unfiltered saki.
  5. Sohofama
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    Phil is joined by Douglas Young, Larry Tang, Steven Wu, and Chef Joe Shing to take on Hong Kong’s leading organic restaurant. Phil tries orange peel congee, drunken prawn, and delicious pork from the exotic land of… Iowa?
  6. Lock Cha
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    Tea as an art form, tea as sustenance, tea as… kung fu? Next door to the Museum of Tea Service, Lock Cha sits in the middle of Hong Kong Park in an old British colonial building. Mister Hip schools Phil on everything tea related, from his philosophy on milk in tea (don’t do it) to the proper temperature of the water for steeping (the darker the tea, the higher the temperature).
  7. San Xi Lou
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    Phil described his culinary experience at San Xi Lou as “one of the spiciest nights of all time." Considering the restaurant is one of the most authentic Sichuan restaurants in Hong Kong, no one should be surprised. At San Xi Lou, Phil learns about the balance between Ma (Sichuan spicy) and La (hot spicy) in Sichuan dishes, and tries dishes with bamboo chutes, witch’s beef, and chicken feet.
  8. Gateway Seafood
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    For his last stop in Hong Kong, Phil first ventured to Lei Yuen Mun on Hong Kong Island, where he selected his marine meal ingredients, then headed over to Gateway Seafood to have them prepared. At Gateway, Phil enjoyed gargantuan mantis shrimp, razor clams, scallops topped with rice vermicelli and a clever take on lobster mac and cheese.