PBS and MASTERPIECE are hosting cast from Downton Abbey in NYC early in December to mark the show’s final season, and we’d like to ask them your questions. But, we want to ask them *unique* questions. What would you like to ask cast from Downton Abbey -- that you think they’ve never been asked before? Your question may be asked!
  1. If you could have played any other character on the show, which character would you have liked to have played?
    Suggested by @MacGeekGal
  2. If your character lived in the present day, what do you think he/she would be doing?
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  3. If you were to meet your character in real life, do you think you'd get along with them? Would you be friends or have very little in common?
    Suggested by @taner_banana
  4. What job/title do you think you'd have if you lived in Downton Abbey era?
    Suggested by @elizzamitchell
  5. What food from Downton Abbey would you most like to eat?
    Suggested by @elizzamitchell
  6. What is your favorite outfit worn by a character on Downton Abbey (yours or another)?
    Suggested by @elizzamitchell
  7. Which couple do you like the most? What is a couple you would like to see end up together?
    Suggested by @elizzamitchell
  8. What was your favorite set or shooting location in the series?
    Suggested by @rcwornhoff
  9. What's the biggest challenge of period costumes?
    Suggested by @lalamann
  10. What plot twist shocked you the most over the course of the series?
    Suggested by @rcwornhoff
  11. Marry, F***, Kill. Go. (Must pick as yourself from amongst the characters--although also could be interesting if they had to pick as their character)
    Suggested by @klouden
  12. Have you ever gotten over Sybil's death? (Question for the actor, not as the character)
    Suggested by @caitroddy