Most Important Lines From The Dark Knight

2008. Directed by Christopher Nolan.
  1. "What are you, superstitious? You've got a better chance of winning the Power Ball than running into him." - Random drug dealer in a car
    If it's so easy to win the lottery, why are there so many poor people in Gotham? Answer? Corruption. Answer to corruption? Batman. This line really sets the tone for the rest of the film.
  2. "One day, I saw a child playing with a ruby the size of a tangerine." - Alfred, Batman's butler and master storyteller
    At first, it's easy to dismiss Alfred's story about a Burmese jewel thief as the ramblings of a senile old man. But when he compares one of the stolen jewels to a medium-sized fruit, we start to understand just how crazy the thief was, which in turn helps Batman understand just how crazy the Joker is.
  3. "Things are worse than ever!" - Random man at Harvey Dent's press conference
    It's easy to think that, because it's a Batman movie, things are always going to be okay. Fortunately, one brave, slightly rude man shatters this illusion at Harvey Dent's press conference. At that moment, Harvey realizes he can't arrest Batman and chooses instead to kind of arrest himself. Talk about courage.
  4. "Okay that's not good!" - SWAT officer sitting next to Gordon in the armored transport
    If you thought Gotham PD would send multiple helicopters to provide air support during a high stakes prisoner transport mission, you'd be wrong. When the Joker's goons take out the only helicopter in Gotham, this SWAT officer reveals just how desperate the situation is and gives Gordon the push he needs to let people know he's still alive.
  5. "He didn't do anything wrong." - Jim Gordon's favorite child
    At the end of the film, Batman tells Jim Gordon that he killed the people that Gordon thinks Harvey Dent killed. However, Harvey Dent actually killed those people and Batman did not. It's a very confusing conversation. Leave it to a child to see through these lies and remind us that Batman is still the good guy.