You know, those smells that make you go, "Oooohh that's the stuff."
  1. Fresh donuts
  2. Fresh cut grass
    The smell of summer, fun, sunny days, and childhood
  3. Newly cut wood
    Makes me feel like wherever I am, I'm doing something manly
  4. Juniper
    Also a top taste. Gin. I like gin
  5. Snow
    Come on, we all know cold has a smell. The smell of purity
  6. Laundry in the dryer
    Like when you walk past a vent from someone's house, and their in the process of doing laundry
  7. Orange scented markers
    The toxic kind. Safety took the soul away from those truly magic markers
  8. Popcorn
    The kind made with oil. Don't waste my time with anything else