The 80's produced some of our favourite Blockbusters ever... But none packed so many great rock'n'roll references than Back To The Future! #futureday
  1. It opens with Marty McFly plugging his guitar to a giant amp and exploding the speakers!
  2. Marty has a band called Pinheads... An homage to The Ramones?
  3. The Pinheads fail an audition for playing "too damn loud"!
  4. Marty McFly loves shredding!
  5. On the famous "walkman scene" Marty wakes up his dad by putting a tape featuring... Eddie Van Halen shredding on his guitar!
  6. It was the first time most of us heard 'Johnny B Goode' and fell in love with 50s Rock'n'Roll...
  7. ...And the joke with Marvin Berry phoning his cousin Chuck is one of the best in the film!
  8. In other words - Marty McFly invents rock'n'roll!
  9. Another great joke when Marty shreds 80's style and then tell the audience: "Guess you're not ready yet, but your kids gonna love it"!
  10. Theme song 'The Power Of Love' by Huey Lewis and the News was a worldwide hit, US Billboard #1 hit and UK Top 10!