all large info books that i got from charity shops. they are all old and i love them.
  1. the truth is out there: the official guide to the x files
    i got this at a car boot sale in the isle of wight before i ever watched the x files. this summer i left it in the door of a tent and i rained and got the back all soggy :(
  2. STAR WARS the force awakens: the visual dictionary
    this isnt 2nd hand i just bought it today with a book token but i love it
  3. mysteries of the unknown: the ufo phenomenon
    i got this at a charity shop on the isle of wight. i also got a cool shirt, layer cake on dvd and a copy of trainspotting. its really cool and has loads of ace pictures.
  4. serial murderers
    i got this at the care 4 cats charity shop round the corner from my house when i was with my friend taz. i read the whole thing back to front once when i was babysitting and the people i was babysitting for had no wifi and i didnt know how to use their tv.
  5. shark attack
    i got this today at a charity shop on the isle of man. i havent read it yet but i flicked through it in the airport and the pictures are cool.
  6. thinking the unthinkable: ideas that overturn conventional thought
    got this in the same shop in the isle of man. its from 1984 and its really cool.
  7. LIFE science library: planets
    also from the isle of man. its so cool and old! its from 1967 and the message written in the front is to a girl that my mum knew when she was a kid.
  8. mysteries of the unknown: psychic powers
    from the same series as the ufo phenomenon and i got it from the same place. i wish i could find some more of the books from the series.