Last Night driving for Lyft

customer experiences
  1. First pick up of the night was from the Double tree in Portland.. Obviously they just got done hooking up. The lady was definitely a sugar mama and the man a sugar baby. She bought him food and paid for his ride home. Where he then continued to talk about how he lost his license.
  2. 2nd pick up: A beautiful mother of a 3 and 1 yr old. Coming home from a black tie event fundraising her favorite charity by buying wine. She had perpetual hiccups, so she told me her family remedies. Favorite of the night.
  3. 3rd pick up: Its 11pm and I ask where we're going. She says church.. I said cool what church? No response.. it was a quiet ride till we got to the bar.
  4. 4th pick up: I pick up an artist that needs to get out of the house to find inspiration.. or tail. Both are one in the same for some I suppose. He told me of his robot artwork and the story behind the boxy figure. Hope he got lucky. Nice guy.
  5. 5th pick up: Very wealthy couple, dressed impeccably. I drove them from the charity event to their mansion in the west hills.. The wife spoke of her being a great listener for her friends with issues as the husband agreed over and over again about how great of a listener she was. None the less, they were very kind and a pleasure.