Inspired by @finesse
  1. Hello!
    My name is Rosa
  2. I'm a hella pansexual feminist
  3. I have GCSE exams in two days!
    And weirdly, I'm actually not stressed. I don't know, I'll probably freak out in a bit..
  4. I just took the nicest bath
    It was pink and bubbly and beautiful
  5. I'm from Germany
    I lived there until i was nine and then moved to America and then to the UK.
  6. I have a hella cute cat
    He's Zorbas, and he's moulting like hell and currently hiding under my duvet.
  7. I despise Donald Trump on another worldly level
    I can whip ip a ten page essay on everything that's wrong with him on demand, no joke. My English teacher said it was the best thing I'd ever written.