Thoughts I'm Having The Morning Of My First Exam

It's french, c'est bien, i can do french..
  1. Ooh it's sunny
  2. Hmm, I should get up and eat something
    Nutritious breakfast abound!
  3. Being hydrated is probably a good idea
    Mmmm almond milk
  4. KITTY!
  5. Other kitty!
    This is william, he usually doesn't like me but i think he's warming up to the idea of being petted so it's a step forward!
  6. S'abit chilley
    To be fair, 9 degrees C at half seven in the morning in northern England in may, that's decent.
  7. What to wear?!
    Just kidding, i still have six weeks of uniform left. Yay.
  8. Snapchat off the bæ
    She's only my best friend though, last year half our year thought we were together for a two solid months and it was the weirdest thing ever..
  9. Pros of exams
    I literally have like five things in my bag
  10. Cons of exams
  11. Yup, now I'm prepared..