No more college textbooks and random flash cards from semesters ago! Hello summer, I welcome your ever luring potential ☀️
  1. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury
    Read this Freshman year in English and now have made it a Summer tradition 🌻
  2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Another book I read my Junior year of High School and will never lose its charm. "Now it was a cool night with that mysterious excitement in it which comes at the two changes of the year. " "The quiet lights in the houses were humming out into the darkness and there was a stir and bustle among the stars."
  3. A blue and white composition notebook
    Filled with colorful quotes from books I'm reading or random somewhat witty things I think of.
  4. An empty Coffee cup that says "Good Morning Gorgeous" from my sister
    It's gold and white and it ties my aqua blue room together which is why it hasn't been moved to the washer in days...
  5. A folded up piece of paper with a large, accomplishable list for the summer
    Read more than 30 books, Exercise outdoors, Cook elaborate lunches that can be displayed and eaten outside on my deck, plan picnics and iced coffee walks with friends