what doesn't turn me on on Tinder
  1. The 'open-minded' guy
    Aka I'm in a serious relationship, but I'm still willing to bang you. I'm that open-minded!
  2. The 'work-out' guy
    Is the gym really the best place to go for a photo shoot ...
  3. The 'guess who I am' guy
    All the pictures are him somewhere in a group of friends. So who is this guy? Never the tall, good-looking one in the middle...
  4. The 'wedding pictures' guy
    I know you want look your best on Tinder, and those pictures came out great. But really, your wedding picture ... swipe left 👈
  5. The 'you swipe right on me and my dog' guy
    I know this one might get some backlash by all you dog-lovers. But this guy and his dog seem to have a very strong relationship and I'm not that open-minded!