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Utah, National Parks.
  1. You drive 10 miles without seeing anyone.
  2. You park at the trailhead and are the only car.
  3. Does that mean I have 100 square miles to myself?
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Go back in time and make the world a better place. ONLY ALREADY DEAD PEOPLE PLEASE.
  1. Hitler, obviously necessary.
  2. Bin Laden, SOB attacked my home town.
  3. Marx and Lenin, ultimately killed scores of millions and made many places much worse.
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  1. Books That Changed My Opinion about Something
    These books blew me away, and changed my mind or added a super amount of information.
  2. 12 Years a Slave
    Of course slavery was horrible, but I never realized how much kidnapping from the North that went on because slaves could actually be very expensive. In today's money, a hundred thousand dollars was possible. Many Southerners were so deeply in debt they could not bring themselves to even entertain that they had accidentally "bought" a free man because losing him would not stop the payments they owed for him and destroy them financially. Bad for everyone, worse for some.
  3. A Narrative of the Death of Captain James Cook(99 cents on Amazon).
    This is a real military report written by Captain Cook's ship's surgeon. Captain Cook was a legitimate "good guy" (he was an explorer 300 years more morally "evolved" than the earlier explorers). Star Trek is partly based on this report and his relationships. If Dwayne The Rock Johnson ever wants an Oscar nod, this is his movie. Perfect for him in the role of one of the Hawaiian kings.
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Inspired by @HikerGirl60
  1. Alabama
    Nothing against it, not sure I'll ever get there.
  2. Alaska
    I sooooo do want to go, but it won't be for some time. Has adventure, beauty, and wildlife.
  3. Idaho
    Maybe I'll sneak over the border when I'm in Utah or Nevada.
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Add your own please. I know the world isn't a zero sum game, in other words they aren't really removing opportunities, but I'm done anyway.
  1. Scarlett Johnansen
    Great actress, insanely beautiful, but...we're good thanks. NEXT.
  2. George Clooney
    Handsome, funny, responsible, NEXT.
  3. Matt Damon
    The Martian was the tits, but let's see other people.
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For everyone that's been, or anyone that wants to....
  1. Aria
    Class all the way. Gorgeous rooms, all automated. Great casino, enough pools for any scene you want. Good restaurants. I've never had anyone snap to attention when I walk by, but it happens here.
  2. Luxor Hotel
    Always the best prices. Great restaurants in house, nice rooms, connected to a tram taking you to other casinos. Three huge pools and sunning areas. Fun Egyptian theme-who doesn't appreciate a giant Sphinx!
    Suggested by   @angela3950
I am adventurous eater. I'll eat just about anything, except......Nothing against them, just don't like them.
  1. Peaches
    Probably because as a kid, when sick I got spoonfed peach syrup many times.
  2. Pears
  3. Bananas
    But I will eat banana bread and if a piece of banana gets in something, I don't care.
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Reproductive rights, assault, etc.... All important issues everywhere. But is the US really the problem here? This is a list of other places in the world where woman are treated horribly, and no one here seems to care. All I am saying, is that sometimes Americans should count their blessings. Next time protest the consulates of these places.
  1. China
    Killed before you are born, just for being female.
  2. India
    See above, ultrasounds are illegal, because as soon as people know it's a girl, they kill it.
  3. Any Muslim Country
    Do we need to mention the atrocities committed every day against women in these cultures.
  4. African nations allowing mutilation.
This is partly based on the pile of presents I am eyeing now.
  1. Hamilton Tickets? An envelope of exactly the right dimensions.
    This would be unexpected because we jointly decided plays were not worth that much, however it looks like that.
  2. A shirt of some sort.
  3. A video game, probably the latest Call of Duty.
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  1. President Elect Trump
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. Electoral College
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