A Few Ways Humans Improved What Nature Provided

Humans are part of nature, but sometimes we have easily, and greatly improved on what was provided. Please provide your own suggestions.
  1. Drinking water. Clean air is easy enough to find, but clean water? This picture shows what most naturally available fresh water looks like. Drinking from it could kill or hurt you, and even if you were raised drinking it, the parasites you survived would probably kill you by age 40.
  2. Eyesight. Human eyesight is comparatively good, but if your eyes were made a few millimeters off, your vision needs to be corrected.
  3. Bridges. Adding a bridge to ANYTHING looks better.
  4. Alphabets and writing. Now your brain is more than just RAM, you can store and retrieve more data than your head can contain.
  5. Religion(done right). Religion provides enormous value to secular society when it is done correctly. It encourages delayed gratification, morality, humility, and to paraphrase atheist Patten Oswalt, the concept of an "afterlife" is a huge FU to an uncaring universe.
  6. The wheel. Not found in nature, and until the 15th century, they hadn't made it to North or South America. Wheels make everything easier.