A Las Vegas Poolside Debate I had about Breast Implants, Retold in Iambic Pentameter.

My wife and I had this debate poolside at a 5 star hotel a few days ago. Please excuse my lousy poetry, please feel free to re-write any line and I know most of it does not actually qualify as iambic pentameter. This is pretty much how the conversation went. Pictures are obviously non existent.
  1. (me) Over there, see her's? Real or otherwise?
  2. (wife) I think fake, wait, not sure, a sigh...
  3. (wife) Clearly born gifted, poise, face, hair so free.
  4. (Me) Agree, but how rare an E cup on a size 3.
  5. (wife) Not a 3, more a 9, weight in her middlle, far more than mine.
  6. (me) See she sits, her gut shows they are God's gift.
  7. (wife) See she lies, they do not flatten.
  8. (me) Perhaps they are not flesh, but matter.
  9. (me) Yikes her husband spies our levity, look away, hide our vanity.