Bad things I have to do because we have dogs(but still love them)

Some people posted that they wish they could have a dog. We have several. This is a list of the nasty unspoken things dog owners have to do. Please post your "bad" dog experiences.
  1. Our dog wakes me up at 5, no matter if it's a weekday, weekend, holiday, vacation, or whatever.
  2. Too small to go out, means the "go inside".
    One of our dogs is only 5 pounds so we can't let her go outside alone. She goes on papers, which is fine except more often than not, she goes next to the papers. I haven't walked around in just socks for years because of this.
  3. New couch? Why not?
    One of our dogs ate his way through a couch. I was sitting there and suddenly felt some burrowing.
  4. Fought a Coyote, for real.
    This week our larger dog was outside and his bark became urgent, like when the mailman comes. I peaked out and a coyote was moving towards him. I made noises. The coyote didn't think a loud human was any kind of threat and kept coming. I finally beaned him with a large rock and he ran away. So now we walk our dog with a baseball bat like its the Walking Dead or something.
  5. Almost set my house on fire
    I came home from work to find the stove burner on full blast with a pile of ashes in the center that was actually that day's mail. The dog turned the burner on when he was home alone, jumping on the stove to look for food. To this day I don't know how the house didn't burn down. 😱
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  6. I'm not a dog person or an early morning person but somehow I am the go to person to walk my sister's or stepdad's dog when they are away. Both dogs learned to wait for 8am for their morning walk. Also, I hate picking up dog poop (but I do because I am not inconsiderate).
    I'm okay with dogs (okay maybe I love the ones that are family) but I don't want one of my own. I prefer the independence of cats. Ironically, I'm feeding my niece's cat this weekend.
    Suggested by   @solitarygigi
  7. New carpet / lost my deposit because asshole dog didn't like the workers on our patio.
    My dog much to my dismay thought he could dig is way through the carpet and get to the outside on the patio where workers were painting. Cost me my deposit and $75 dollars to replace.
    Suggested by   @bsizzle33
  8. two words: anal glands 😳😖😷
    Suggested by   @victralala