Black Mirror is Awesome

The 3rd season just dropped on Netflix. The other seasons are there too. Amazing show, an anthology series like the Twilight Zone except for technology of the near future.
  1. Season 1 ep1
    OMG OMG, it's like someone wrote a spoof of 24, but someone else found it and didn't know it was a spoof. Do not watch with your kids even in the same state as you.
  2. Season 1 ep 2
    Holy F, these are good writers.
  3. Season 1 ep 3
    Wow, remember to keep connections.
  4. Season 2 ep 4 White Christmas
    Scary AF
  5. Season 3 ep 3 Shut Up and Dance
    Not sure I will ever use a computer again.
  6. Season 3 ep 1 Nosedive
    Eeeeeeeeek, a bit like a prequel to Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.
  7. All other Seasons and episodes, amazing(depressing too).