Books that changed my opinion about something. Add your own.

  1. Books That Changed My Opinion about Something
    These books blew me away, and changed my mind or added a super amount of information.
  2. 12 Years a Slave
    Of course slavery was horrible, but I never realized how much kidnapping from the North that went on because slaves could actually be very expensive. In today's money, a hundred thousand dollars was possible. Many Southerners were so deeply in debt they could not bring themselves to even entertain that they had accidentally "bought" a free man because losing him would not stop the payments they owed for him and destroy them financially. Bad for everyone, worse for some.
  3. A Narrative of the Death of Captain James Cook(99 cents on Amazon).
    This is a real military report written by Captain Cook's ship's surgeon. Captain Cook was a legitimate "good guy" (he was an explorer 300 years more morally "evolved" than the earlier explorers). Star Trek is partly based on this report and his relationships. If Dwayne The Rock Johnson ever wants an Oscar nod, this is his movie. Perfect for him in the role of one of the Hawaiian kings.
  4. Watchmen
    I never liked comics. Too dull and short, and the term graphic novel always seemed douchy. But Watchmen is a graphic novel, you read 50 printed word pages, then 50 comic pages, and that repeats for hundreds of pages. Excellent book. Actually mildly pro-American, but they edited that out in the movie.
  5. The Holy Bible
    Joseph's acceptance of the already pregnant Mary is a wonderful example(lesson) of accepting people as they come to you.