No Man's Sky First Thoughts

After a few hours of play, not very impressed with our new galaxy we can all explore. For non-gamers, I will explain that this is a hotly anticipated game that has created a galaxy we can all explore at the same time. it is so big, the odds of ever meeting another player are nearly zero (just like a real galaxy).
  1. Yes, it is a beautiful game.
    It defaults to monochromatic landscapes too often.
  2. What's with this Mine Craft Bullshit?
    Really, I have spend my time hammering?
  3. Sentinels are Lame.
  4. I don't like that you are spoonfed what is a predator.
  5. I really don't like the predators.
  6. I have to go back to another planet to find this crap?
  7. Exploring?
    Given that the worlds are littered with items every few hundred yards, you get no feeling of accomplishment. In fact, the places you "claim", have abandoned habitats from recent explorers. WTF?
  8. Flying and Fighting
    Who designed this game? Did they ever play a video game before, EVER?
  9. We shall see if I am won over, or this goes on EBAY next week.
  10. Keeping an open mind for now.