Reasons I have Unfollowed People or Blocked People

  1. Moon Landing Denier
    You are way too dumb for me to waste my time reading your brain diarrhea. Possibly the worst offense in "my world".
  2. 100% Biased Politically
    (See reason above)
  3. Racial Supremacist
    (See reason above)
  4. Narcissistic Posts with Unrealistic Expectations of Me
    Social media is a wonderful oasis for narcissistic people(like me), but you have to be mature and realize that posts must stand alone unless you are an actual super famous person. I am under no obligation to read all your blogs, lists, or published works before judging your posts. To put it mildly, don't think you are worth that much of my time.
  5. Too prolific.
    If you are posting every two hours(as some do), how is it any good? How can it be that interesting?