TV Lied to Me !

List of events or experiences TV has prepared me for that I now realize will never happen, or are silly. Please suggest more.
  1. What Year is it?
    I will never, ever need to walk up to someone, ask the date, and then after being told, grab their collar and so "No, what YEAR is it".
  2. Random Clothes that Fit.
    I am average height and build, but I will never find myself unexpectedly naked, and even of I did, random clothes from a laundromat or clothesline would not include a full set of clothes(certainly not jeans), and they would not fit like they were tailored just for me.
  3. Asteroid Apocalypse
    If an asteroid were to threaten the world in my lifetime, no one will ask me to help.
  4. Airplane Drama
    I will NEVER be on a plane and find my unqualified self piloting the plane to a safe landing.
  5. More Airplane Drama
    I will never be on a plane that depressurizes mid flight (see above).
  6. Space
    I will not go into space (damn, I would have liked this one).
  7. Powers
    No matter how much I expose myself to all sorts of nasty things, I will not get superpowers.
  8. Same Place, Same Life
    If you stand in the way of someone's accomplishments, you will NEVER be forgiven, even if you say it was for love or you were mistsken.
  9. Beautiful Bodies Need Exercise
    The people on TV that look amazing, earn those bodies with discipline and hard work. You rarely see characters exercising on TV, but they are always pool party ready.
  10. You actually have to go to work.
    After a full day's work, who has the time or energy to participate in some friend's hairbrained?