TV Shows that were My Childhood.

  1. Simba The White Lion
    Yes, this was very much a Pre-Lion King
  2. Speed Racer
    The show was a literal translation from Japanese so it is nearly unintelligible and unwatchable to adults.
  3. Gigantor
    Rarely on, but damn did I love this.
  4. Gilligan's Island
    Watched too much.
  5. Flintstones
    Taught me about family, friends and going to work every day.
  6. I Dream of Jeannie
    I loved that Captain Nelson was an astronaut, but I also knew that having Barbara Eden sitting happily on your lap was about as good as life can get.
  7. Bewitched
    Reinforced that a modest middle class family life was better than just about anything.
  8. Star Trek(original series)
    Probably shaped my brainwaves.
  9. Password
    Walked home for lunch every day and caught this show.
  10. Flip Wilson
    Fantastic variety show.
  11. Laugh In
    Very topical show, comes across dated, but....... Lily Tomlinson, Ruth Buzzy(rocking a bikini), and Goldie Hawn( especially rocking a bikini), plus Artie Johnson on a tricycle.
  12. Carol Burnett Show
    This show was beyond funny and influential.
  13. Mike Douglas Show
    A straight up talk show with celebrities. On after school.
  14. Romper Room
    Basically day care with a camera.
  15. Gumby
    My friend.
  16. 4:30 Movie
    The 4:30 Movie would take ANY movie and cut it into 90 minutes. I remember seeing whole movies an VHS and being amazed at all the "extra" scenes.