My husband's process for dealing with a family of skunks under our shed. Day One.

My husband, who grew up in Toronto, is torn between his curiosity about wildlife and his strong, manly urge to protect his youngins and homestead from potentially stinky vermin.
  1. While he is building the shed, we have a conversation about what a cozy habitat he has built for skunks. At least, I thought it was a conversation. I realize now that I was was likely the only one talking while he nodded and fantasized about drill bits and sawing things. Really though, who can blame him? Power tools... ( oh baby!)
  2. This morning, he was outside and came back in. Holding up 3 fingers. I thought he wanted to play charades with me. I really hadn't had enough coffee to fully engage, and the 3 finger gesture was all I got. I considered briefly that he might be trying to give me the finger. Times three.
  3. I quickly learned that the lack of speech was because he was overwhelmed with what he'd seen. I patiently ( try to prove I wasn't gentle and patient. You weren't there.) coaxed language from him. Finally that linguistics degree put to good use. " 3 baby skunks ", he sputtered.
  4. I suggested that there was likely at least one more. Mothers, even stinky ones, normally stay close to their young.
  5. We saw another 2 slip into the hole they had dug under the shed. So naturally, my husband decided this is the perfect opportunity to rummage around inside the shed. So thoughtful. Not wanting to risk waking the poor darlings up, he stomped around while he'd just seen them awake, and knew they were underfoot. He ain't 'fraid of no skunks.
  6. During the day, I received a few emails at work about skunks as he scoured the internet looking for a plan of attack.
  7. He learned that skunks don't like lights, so after he put a high powered light under the shed, and reported that there are still five skunks.
  8. Yes. That means he got down on his hands and knees, shoved a powerful light into their den and put his face as close as he could to the sleeping skunks that he was trying to awaken.
  9. They didn't wake up, but his description of the cute fluffy skunks persuaded my daughter to go out with him.. Ignoring my protests, on hands and knees, trying to look at the skunks. Yup. True story.
  10. Then he placed solar lights ( which he picked up after work today, for this purpose) in front of the hole.
  11. It looks so cozy. I wonder if he'll build them a picnic table.