Just Another "Unpopular Opinion" List (Ongoing)

  1. Obama was a shit president and I'm tired of how people over-glorify him like he's a god.
    Still better than Trump though.
  2. Id rather read a book than watch a movie
    Even though it's like watching a movie in your own head.. you can be the director though which is awesome; who wouldn't want that?
  3. Channing Tatum isn't attractive... AT ALL
  4. I have more respect for sex workers than anybody else in the world
    Shit, you gotta make money somehow, right? And if sex is your passion then go for it.
  5. You can't consciously eat animal products/byproducts or hunt and fish and say you "love" animals.
    Once you unprogram yourself and educate yourself on how the dairy and meat industry really are; you can't possibly eat the same way you have been or murder an innocent animal for your amusement and boast about how much you "love" animals and "hate" animal abuse. It's pure hypocrisy at its finest. You wouldn't murder somebody and then brag about how much you loved them, right?
  6. People don't "overreact"
    Saying somebody is "overreacting" is the most invalidating shit you can do. People have FEELINGS; IT IS OKAY TO HAVE FEELINGS. Don't tell somebody that they're "overreacting" just because you wouldn't get upset over what they got upset about.
  7. I would let my s/o talk to whoever the fuck they wanted.. yes, even their ex. They're not my property.
    Ew..why is this even an unpopular opinion?
  8. Lil Ceasers pizza is better than Pizza Hut's.
  9. The veggie pizza from Subway is so underrated
  10. I don't agree with getting "legally" married..
    Why the hell does the government have to be involved with who I want to spend the rest of my life with..?
  11. I don't agree with spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a ring to be considered engaged or married
    Materialistic items doesn't = love. When I find the person I want to be with for the rest of my life I'll make it known you can put a damn string around my finger and I'll be happy as fuck.
  12. Weed IS a gateway drug
    And this is coming from somebody who loves to toke. But honestly, weed can be a gateway drug to other hard drugs. I've been wanting to get into harder drugs since smoking marijuana..
  13. You CAN get addicted to marijuana
    Saying you can't is probably the most closed minded shit ever lol. My mom has been addicted to the shit for over 18 years and she's let it control her.
  14. Pink isn't for girls and blue isn't for boys.
    They're fucking colors. They don't determine what's in your pants.