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baseball is super boring but I've been seeing a lot of it lately because every five years my dad jumps on the Cubs bandwagon. here are my suggestions for making it more watchable
  1. adopt some changes from baseball's fun cousin, kickball
    the inning only ends when everyone has batted, that way the score is higher and the game stops less
  2. make the game only like 2 or 3 innings
    basically if a baseball game is over 2 hours and you expect me to sit through it you're straight up insulting me. I have stuff to do
  3. make it possible for the defending team to score
    I'm thinking double plays count as a run, or maybe the catcher has to race the batter to first base, or something. that way when your team is on defense you don't have to check out
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In honor of Harry Potter Day
  1. 8.
    Half Blood Prince
    all the actors mailed it in. an especially lukewarm performance from Ginny
  2. 7.
    Order of the Phoenix
    Any book that's longer than 500 pages should not be made into a movie. Failed to capture any of the book's subtlety
  3. 6.
    Goblet of Fire
    This is the point in the movie series where the special effects started to seem kind of gimmicky to me — for instance, Mad-Eye Moody's eye just seemed off. also we didn't get to see Ireland win the Quidditch World Cup
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  1. Looking to banter off some Everton fans after we (Liverpool) beat them 4-0 today
  2. comment with your fav club
  3. would also accept supporters from other leagues
  1. bunny and kitty
  2. being best friends
  3. together forever
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in reference to the legendary @HisDudeness list
  1. point guard: Graham Zusi
    great passer with incredible vision. also is a really sexy guy
  2. shooting guard: Clint Dempsey
    natural scorer, would be king of trash talk
  3. small forward: Jermaine Jones
    he grabs all rebounds and would defend guys like Lebron
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so last night I said goodbye to my best friend for seven weeks, which ties our all time record for the longest we've been apart. it sucks; it super sucks (for more info read @thelovelygirl's excellent list about them). but I have discovered some positive outcomes from long distance relationships
  1. gives you a reason to visit cool places
    Hannah lives in Boston which I have discovered is awesome since she started school there. unfortunately for her it means she is obligated to come to Columbus once in a while but still
  2. forces the relationship to become stroger
    if the physical part of the relationship is taken away and all that's left is the emotional part, you value each other more and you learn how to support the SO emotionally instead of physically. You learn what words you can use to stand in for a hug or a kiss
  3. widens both of your circles
    think about it: if both of you lived in the same place you would both be restricted to your probably intersecting or identical groups of friends, also from that place. but since both of you are separated you cast a wider net and meet a more diverse group of people. were it not for our crappy LDR, I never would have met Hannah's hilarious roommate or hard-partying lacrosse team.
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This has been an election of slogans. "Feel the Bern," "I'm with Her," and "Make America Great Again" have provided Americans with easy catchphrases to describe their political beliefs. Inspired by @helytimes I came up with a few for Green Party candidate and probable recipient of my vote Dr. Jill Stein.
  1. Where there's a Jill there's a way
  2. Who wants to be a Jillionaire?
  3. Stay trill, vote for Jill
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if you haven't heard all his songs a hundred times you're missing out
  1. 1.
    Wonderful Everyday
    the driving to school anthem with @micleary23
  2. 2.
    Prom Night
    didn't discover it until after prom but the week before we all left for college we hung out at an ikea and vibed to this in a parking lot afterwards
  3. 3.
    Family Matters
    family's all that matters, this is just business, see you right affffterrrrr
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  1. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
    started it last week, got about halfway through, and have put it down for three days in a row. My first foray into Joyce, but hopefully not my last
  2. all of my homework
    I meant to do it over break by sadly I did not. this includes a Spanish composition, a French composition, a Politics of the Developing World paper, an African history paper, and four chapters of Natural Hazards textbook reading. this week is not going to be fun
  3. job applications
    to Panera and Egg Harbor. I really hate doing these
  4. this list (duh)
this list is kind of buzzfeed but whatever. add your own if you have any ideas
  1. Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec
    Hillary. Leslie's a committed center-left Washington insider and blackmailed Madeleine Albright into saying the thing about female Bernie supporters going to Hell for not supporting a woman president.
  2. Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock
    Ben Carson. Jack is propping up his campaign because Carson has personally promised him that he would never let the government stop Kabletown from creating a reality show in Guantanamo Bay.
  3. Michael Scott, The Office
    Bernie Sanders. Prison Mike wants an end to mass incarceration.
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