if you haven't heard all his songs a hundred times you're missing out
  1. Wonderful Everyday
    the driving to school anthem with @micleary23
  2. Prom Night
    didn't discover it until after prom but the week before we all left for college we hung out at an ikea and vibed to this in a parking lot afterwards
  3. Family Matters
    family's all that matters, this is just business, see you right affffterrrrr
  4. Good Ass Intro
    pure joy. all my friends know all the words
  5. Sunday Candy
    on every CD I made for my friends
  6. Windows
    the one from 10 Day, not Surf. makes me think of the day my parents and I biked the lakeshore path from 63rd street beach to monroe during the air and water show.
  7. Nostalgia
  8. Good Ass Outro
    the luxurious trumpet riffs on the end of the song are just incredibly sentimental
  9. honestly all of them