(I haven't been there since 6th grade)
  1. The Living Coast
    lots of cool, weird-looking fish, a building that you had to travel through like an IKEA, penguins, a thrilling weird thing where a wave crashed over you but you were protected by a plexiglass ceiling
  2. The Primate House
    I think that's what this was called. It was a huge building, the biggest at the zoo, and there was one giant room full of African gorillas, one hint room full of Asian gorillas, and I think some South American monkeys had their own giant room as well. Mom would always tell the story of some baby who fell in the gorilla enclosure and how a gorilla caught it and cradled it like a gorilla baby. This is unverified.
  3. The Wolf Lodge
    there was a camera that gave you a view into their den and a den that you got to play in. Cool spooky vibes in this building
  4. Walrus exhibit
    right next to dolphin show building. cool animals surrounding it, cool wooden building where you can watch the walruses swim
  5. Dolphin show
    better than the one at the Shedd, and a very cool building with stone bleachers and a huge ceiling. The zoo's architecture was as impressive as its animals to a young Patrick Cleary