baseball is super boring but I've been seeing a lot of it lately because every five years my dad jumps on the Cubs bandwagon. here are my suggestions for making it more watchable
  1. adopt some changes from baseball's fun cousin, kickball
    the inning only ends when everyone has batted, that way the score is higher and the game stops less
  2. make the game only like 2 or 3 innings
    basically if a baseball game is over 2 hours and you expect me to sit through it you're straight up insulting me. I have stuff to do
  3. make it possible for the defending team to score
    I'm thinking double plays count as a run, or maybe the catcher has to race the batter to first base, or something. that way when your team is on defense you don't have to check out
  4. shorten the distance between bases to encourage stealing
    when guys are trying to steal bases that's always fun
  5. make the field smaller so that there are more home runs
    home runs are the best, long fly balls are the worst. get rid of one and increase the other
  6. introduce more contact into the game
    I think if a runner knocks over the guy on the base then he should get to be safe even if that guy already had the ball
  7. no more walks
    are you kidding me? walks are the worst. nothing happens 4 times in a row and then some fat dude waddles over to first base. instead, the punishment for not throwing any strikes should be that the pitcher has to grab the fence and the batter gets to throw a ball at him from 90 feet away. if he hits him on the butt he gets to go to third base