Potential Campaign Slogans for Dr Jill Stein

This has been an election of slogans. "Feel the Bern," "I'm with Her," and "Make America Great Again" have provided Americans with easy catchphrases to describe their political beliefs. Inspired by @helytimes I came up with a few for Green Party candidate and probable recipient of my vote Dr. Jill Stein.
  1. Where there's a Jill there's a way
  2. Who wants to be a Jillionaire?
  3. Stay trill, vote for Jill
  4. License to Jill
  5. Take a Jill Pill
    @helytimes's idea
  6. Netflix and Jill
  7. Wall Street should go to jail. You should go to Jill
    kind of busy I know but no judgement in brainstorming
  8. thrill ride? more like a Jill ride
    this one makes me uncomfortable
  9. it's all downjill from here
  10. any other ideas?