for those of you who don't know my dad is very strange and very irish
  1. On Dejan Lovren
    "Ah, Lovren, you big useless Romanian." "Dad, he's Slovenian." "Same thing."
  2. On meat
    "I finished your man Tom Crean's book, the one who has the restaurant in Kenmare. He wrote that once when he was in Ireland he was cooking rashers [bacon] on a Friday. His wife said 'You shouldn't eat meat on a Friday,' and he told her, 'If you had been in the places I'd been you'd eat rashers off your backside.'"
  3. On the English
    "Is Adam Lallana not Belgian?" "No Dad, he's English." "Is he really? Imagine that. I'd no idea he was such an awful man."
  4. On the Spanish language (the match was on@ ESPN Deportes)
    "Dos à cero! I know what that means. *Grins to himself* Twenty nothing."