so last night I said goodbye to my best friend for seven weeks, which ties our all time record for the longest we've been apart. it sucks; it super sucks (for more info read @thelovelygirl's excellent list about them). but I have discovered some positive outcomes from long distance relationships
  1. gives you a reason to visit cool places
    Hannah lives in Boston which I have discovered is awesome since she started school there. unfortunately for her it means she is obligated to come to Columbus once in a while but still
  2. forces the relationship to become stroger
    if the physical part of the relationship is taken away and all that's left is the emotional part, you value each other more and you learn how to support the SO emotionally instead of physically. You learn what words you can use to stand in for a hug or a kiss
  3. widens both of your circles
    think about it: if both of you lived in the same place you would both be restricted to your probably intersecting or identical groups of friends, also from that place. but since both of you are separated you cast a wider net and meet a more diverse group of people. were it not for our crappy LDR, I never would have met Hannah's hilarious roommate or hard-partying lacrosse team.
  4. way better than no relationship at all
    you still get to date the person you love which is cool
  5. gives you a reason to use the postal service
    always fun
  6. any other ideas?
  7. maybe @ me next time
    Suggested by @hannah_nelson_
  8. means you aren't home and I have my bathroom back again
    Suggested by @micleary23
  9. Hannah's scent masks Patrick's distinctive odor when she's around, which is nice
    Suggested by @micleary23