Pat Mondello 2.0(17)
  1. Start a newsletter.
    I'm a voracious reader and I have nothing to show for it. Artists have a portfolio, musicians have original songs or maybe even an album. For as much time as I invest in this hobby I'd like to have something material to show for it.
  2. Road trip through the South.
    Starting in New Orleans, going through Mobile, Gulf Shores, Pensacola, Atlanta, and Athens. The South has made perhaps the largest concentration of wholly unique American contributions to Western civilization: the slave narrative, jazz, non-violent protests, antebellum architecture, and Bayou cuisine.
  3. See Chris Rock live.
    Rock just inked a huge $40 mill deal with Netflix and is promoting his upcoming specials with a 2017 world tour.
  4. Make a speech.
    I haven't made one in a while. Last summer at a rehearsal dinner, the couple invited anyone to make a toast on their behalf. A half a dozen times in the intervening months I've thought to myself "I wish I'd said something." I have three or four weddings this summer, so if that opportunity comes up again I want to be prepared to take it.
  5. Throw a party.
    This includes dedicating or renting out a space, catering, providing drinks for, and - this is the most important part - DJ'ing a party. Whether it's celebrating a friend's engagement, a class reunion, New Years Eve, or a Saturday, I want full creative control in putting together a small(er)-scale event.