A progression
  1. 12:00 pm
    definitely going tomorrow since I didn't go this morning as planned.
  2. 3:00 pm
    Still going. I'll be sore but it'll be worth it. Gotta work off the pizza I just ate.
  3. 7:30pm
    Holding strong. 'll just have a quick drink at my meeting. Ill be in bed by 11 and will be fine in the morning.
  4. 12:45 am
    Setting alarm for 6am. Let's do this!!
  5. 6:00 am
    Hits snooze. Plenty of time to make it to the box before class starts.
  6. 6:07 am
    Still going. Getting up soon. Hits snooze.
  7. 6:14 am
    fuck this. Ill go tomorrow. Reset alarm.
  8. 9:30 am.
    I hate myself.