1. Time for my gun to take a shit. A bullet shit.
    Self explanatory.
  2. "Get me my jet ski"
    A retired jet ski cop is called back into action after his wife is killed
  3. "I'm going to make that Dino sore."
    In this case the hero will be boxing a dinosaur.
  4. "More like Ho, Ho, Oh Nooooooo"
    After the hero has killed a Mall Santa and watched him fall from the roof
  5. "I never saw Pieces of April till now."
    The hero finds a character named April cut into many pieces. By the way, in this instance our hero is an indie film buff and he's referencing to the Katie Holmes indie film Pieces of April
  6. My back brace be damned
    This is for Clint Eastwood specifically.
  7. "I Kung Fu-ooled him.
    For Jackie Chan or Jet Li
  8. "Looks like he dead."
    The hero finds a dead guy
  9. "Revenge is a dish best served... Cold"
    Hero is a tennis player, kills bad guy by shooting an icicle through his heart with a tennis racket. Might not work with previous suggestion depending on the speed of the icicle and the temperature of the fire.
    Suggested by @irishstu