1. Do: Invite a celebrity from your childhood
  2. Don't: Do whip it's
  3. Do: mingle
  4. Don't: be afraid to tell the DJ to fucking switch it up
  5. Do: Take a moment to look around at your friends
  6. Don't: Yell Fire
  7. Do: Play The theme song to Magnum PI
  8. Do: Have an Afterparty ready
  9. Don't: Skimp of a fucking good cake/cupcakes/ desert
  10. Do: encourage your friends to hook up. So you have stuff to talk about.
  11. Don't: Get Wasted (buzzed is the max)
  12. Do: Check into a hotel at the end of the night.
  13. Don't: make plans the next day
  14. Do: have a photo booth
  15. Don't: do speeches
  16. Do: drink water
  17. Don't: be afraid of dancing
  18. Do: Hug
  19. Don't: take this party for granted.