Sometimes filmmakers like to leave little hidden references in films that take multiple viewings and even freeze frames to find, they are referred to as Easter Eggs. Here are some of my favorites
  1. Godfather III
    Look closely in the background of the scene where Andy Garcia is making gnocchi to see a reflection of Francis Ford Coppola in a mirror giving the audience the middle finger.
  2. Aladdin
    Disney Animators are the original Easter Egg hiders. If you look closely at Jasmine's nightstand near the end of the film, you'll see an opened condom wrapper and diaphragm.
  3. Titanic
    During the scene when Jack takes Rose down to dance beneath the deck. One of the extras is actually Arnold Schwarzenegger in full Terminator makeup. Which is a nod to James Cameron's earlier film T2: Judgement Day
  4. Toy Story 3
    Pixar is famous for seeding ideas/characters of their future films in their current ones. In Toy Story you can clearly see a note in the Barbie dream house which reads, "We apologize for Planes and Planes 2: Fire & Rescue"
  5. Goodfellas
    Everyone knows that Scorsese is a huge film buff and always has a tip of a hat to his favorite films & directors. But did you know he's also a huge Trekkie! Look very closely at all the money used in the film each president is actually a drawing of William Shatner in costume.
  6. Mad Max Fury Road
    Still planting Easter Eggs after all these years. George Miller is a kook and loaded this film with some of the most intense visuals ever but did you know that during the chase thru the canon if you look closely and you'll see the Energizer Bunny (dressed as a War Boy of course) barreling through the wasteland. Still going indeed.