I've never been more productive on a weekend since having a kid. Doubly so when my wife is outta town. Here's my day so far.
  1. Woke Up. (6:27am - Not Bad)
  2. Gave Him some Milk.
  3. Napped for 5-10 minutes while he played.
  4. Played Trucks & Read Books
  5. Walked around the Block
  6. In House Dance Party
  7. Put him in the stroller and headed to Coffee Bean
  8. Fed him Breakfast & Hung Out
  9. Strolled Back
  10. Loaded up the Car & Headed to the Park
  11. Went to a Garage Sale
  12. Played in the Sand, went on Swings & Slides
  13. Got back in the Car (he quieted down listening to Springsteen)
  14. Headed to the Americana
  15. Listened to Storytime & Played w/ Trains
  16. Got Breakfast #2 at a Cafe (the only thing open)
  17. Went to Barnes and Noble.
  18. Went to Target
  19. Went Clothes, Food, Halloween and Toy Shopping
  20. Got back in Car
  21. Drove Home (he likes Taylor Swift)
  22. Read some Books
  23. Put him down for Nap
  24. Went to the bathroom for the 1st time (Me)
  25. This was all done before 12:30pm on a Saturday. (I worship at the altar of all single parents)