These are my thoughts as I watch Purple Rain for the first time (updated in real time started at 4/22 at 9:21pm)
  1. It's only been on for :30 and I'm in.
  2. What the fuck is happening? Is this movie linear. So far Prince is on stage and we see him in 4 other places too. (Keep in mind I'm still very in)
  3. I dream to enter a car like Morris Day. Like a bull dodging a bullfighter
    And I want a mirror holder
  4. It's weird that an Alice Cooper lookalike is the DJ for this dance club.
    I guess it's the same club where a Keyboardist thinks it's cool to wear scrubs.
  5. I never pictured Prince having parents. I dont like it. I like the idea that he just appeared on Earth as a 20yr old.
  6. I'd fuck Prince.
  7. Jerome straight up dumped a woman in a dumpster - Empire style. Is this a thing that was done in the 80's?
  8. Motorcycle POV. Yes!
    I'm realizing Cool as Ice was Vanilla Ice's lame attempt to remake this movie.
  9. Did they use any of the audio that they recorded on the day?
    It seems to be all ADR
  10. In many ways this movie is like a Karaoke video coming to life and I love it.
  11. 4 words. Not Lake Minnetonka Side-Boob
  12. This movie helps me understand why more movies AREN'T shot in Minnesota
  13. Is Morris Day is doing a Abbot & Costello routine? The password is "fuck yes"
  14. Why have I never seen this movie?
    My life has been robbed.
  15. Prince and the Puppet?! Who was doing the voice. Prince's mouth was completely closed.
    Even Jeff Dunham has his mouth open a little. And he's the best puppet master.
  16. Also how old is Prince supposed to be? I'd buy anywhere from 15-35.
  17. The fact that Morris Day didn't make a billion movies after this is the biggest crime I've seen.
    I just want to see him play the same character.
  18. I swear Courtney B Vance as Johnnie Cochran is in the behind Appolina in this "I want you" performance.
  19. Why would Prince bring his girl home to watch his parents fuck?
    Again if you told me he was only 17. I'd believe it.
  20. Prince is a real trickster.
    He really loves a surprise and a scare.
  21. This sex scene 😳😳😳
    No movie in 2016 would show light fingering.
  22. Jerome!!!
  23. When Prince jacks up the volume on his stereo. It didn't get louder.
  24. I'm on Prince's dad side. He's seems very rational
  25. This parent relationship is a grittier version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
  26. I fell asleep. I will finish this...
  27. Just realized that Prince doesn't have a name in the movie, he's just "The Kid"
    IMDB has confirmed this
  28. "Never Get Married" - Prince's Dad
    Prince's Dad is essentially the Colin Quinn to Amy Schumer in Trainwreck
  29. Guitar Blow Job Scene
    I hope Prince wore protection when plucking those strings.