We're all dicks...So here's a list of things we should try to avoid doing - please add to this
  1. Don't keep eye contact with someone when they are blowing their nose.
    Seriously have some goddamn respect.
  2. Don't Sing in Public
    Unless people are paying you to sing in public. (This goes doubly for Broadway Show Tunes)
  3. Never tell someone who you think they look like.
    It will never be a compliment.
  4. Places you shouldn't take phone calls - Plane Taxiing, Restaurants, While Purchasing Something, and pretty much any place where where you are the only person on a phone
  5. Don't drop TV/Movie/Book Spoilers in casual conversation until said show/movie is at least week old. (And books never)
  6. Conversely don't get pissed off if someone mentions a spoiler about something like The Wire. You had plenty of time to watch it.
  7. If you post pictures of other people let them approve it.
  8. Always put in a few dollars more than you owe when splitting the check with more than 3 people. Because inevitably someone will underpay.
  9. Never show more than 3 consecutive pictures of your child or your dog (unless specifically requested)
  10. Don't quote "Swingers" when you are in Vegas.
  11. If someone is eating something unhealthy don't tell them how unhealthy it actually is. They know.
    No one wants to hear about your juice fast.
  12. Call people back if you can but don't get all bent out of shape if someone doesn't call you back immediately
    Unless it's about something important. People get busy.
    Suggested by @tombatten
  13. Text someone the day before you have plans to make sure it's still on.
    More often than not, we actually love when plans are cancelled on us. Checking in the day before gives each party a chance to back out drama-free.
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  14. Can it just be a text or an email? Can it not be a call? Please.
    Suggested by @aidybryant