Pause whatever you are watching right now (besides List App) and post it
  1. Moore
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    Paused: The Chair
  2. Bob's Peach Rings
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    Suggested by @amyjean
  3. Night of the Scarecrow
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    Suggested by @roche
  4. Sopranos Season 2. Opening title sequence.
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    Suggested by @Lynnie
  5. I'm driving home
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    @themoth don't worry, I'm stopped on the 10W
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  6. Conan
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    Suggested by @steveagee
  7. Baseball! Toronto made it to PRIME TIME BABY
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    Suggested by @thatssoayesha
  8. How To Get Away With Murder
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    Suggested by @laurenmreich
  9. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets!
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    Suggested by @existential
  10. ❤️
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    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  11. Gamegrumps live stream
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    AKA people playing video games badly
    Suggested by @OffTheDott
  12. My thoughts exactly
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    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  13. Beasts of No Nation
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    Suggested by @TheYoungFolks
  14. Furious 7
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    Suggested by @ryeisenberg
  15. Wheel of Fortune
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    Suggested by @brrosenau
  16. Malcolm In The Middle
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    Suggested by @joshua6c
  17. Yoshi's Woolly World
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    Suggested by @trishacobb
  18. The Avengers: Age of Ultron
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    Suggested by @SethReineke
  19. Gilmore Girls with closed captioning for when the baby cries.
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    Suggested by @jenward
  20. Friday Night Lights
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    Suggested by @kelseyroot
  21. Heroes Reborn
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    Suggested by @ohtheplacesyousee
  22. Fridays
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    Suggested by @allihco
  23. The bottom of the top bunk in @murray's room. He fell asleep while we were reading and now I'm on ListApp reading.
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    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  24. The 101 is shut down and waze just led us down this dead end. And We listened. (I'm the passenger )
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    Suggested by @abbinka
  25. Shark Tank
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    Suggested by @jordandreyer
  26. Taxi TV.
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    Suggested by @GriffLightning
  27. The League S7E6
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    Suggested by @burritokilla
  28. My dog owns my lap.
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    Suggested by @MichaelRose
  29. How I Met Your Mother, the best chart Marshall made..
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    Suggested by @migmags
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    Suggested by @lizelle
  31. Magnolia Market
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    Because I'm obsessed with Fixer Upper and really want to go to the opening!
    Suggested by @bestofnicolemarie
  32. The Mindy Project, of course! You are my hero, @mindy 😍👑
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    Suggested by @natalie_prieb
  33. The movie "Unfriended" (I'm seriously terrified)
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    Suggested by @ItsTheRealAJ
  34. Twitbull sleeping
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    Suggested by @Kay2012
  35. Blue screen of death
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    Suggested by @yellowrhinos
  36. My penchant for meh cbs shows is filled with Madam secretary tonight
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    Suggested by @maggzerts
  37. Show Boat on PBS. Another wild Friday night.
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    Suggested by @emilynielsen
  38. SNL W/ Amy Shumer
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    Suggested by @youngsxh
  39. Scandal (with my jack-o-lantern making a guest appearance)
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    Suggested by @JoeyLynn
  40. First appearance of Edward Norton in Moonrise Kingdom
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    Suggested by @mhanson21
  41. I'm putting my twins to bed.
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    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
  42. The Wedding Singer
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    Suggested by @ashleychristeen
  43. Frasier
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    Suggested by @himaxwell
  44. Friends "The One After the Super Bowl" cc. @mlh
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    Suggested by @allieberk
  45. Looking at my own blog & telling myself it's a lot shittier than I think.
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    Don't tell me how many tabs I need I my life, I'm reading all of them.
    Suggested by @jovell
  46. Reno Williams: The Adventure Begins
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    Suggested by @justinfinnegan
  47. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
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    I got a rock
    Suggested by @lorimcs
  48. Jaws
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    Suggested by @Paula_Mc
  49. It's a Harry Potter weekend!
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    Suggested by @nickilouwho
  50. Superman Returns. It wasn't that bad.
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    Suggested by @CaraCunningham
  51. The Tonight Show! @JimmyFallon @FallonTonight
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    Suggested by @tinafeyever