Self Explanatory....
  1. Would it be weird for me to go to a Taylor Swift concert?
  2. How much weight would I gain if ate what the Rock eats for a week?
  3. I wonder if Doug E Fresh was bummed by the Bachelorette performances he mentored this week.
  4. Is "Night Court" streaming?
  5. What happened with Carmelo Anthony?
  6. Did something happen with Carmelo? Maybe I misheard that.
  7. We essentially endorsed slave labor by supporting the Dunkin' Donuts time to make the donuts guy"
  8. I don't know about Sense 8
  9. I hope the powder they use at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf isn't killing me.
  10. I think it would be cool if I put a soda stream in my car
  11. All motorcycles should be measured against how they fare against velociraptors - faster than, slower than, and equal to...
  12. If I could one one piece of movie memorabilia it would be the contract from (50 Shades of Grey)
  13. Boo. Oh God, I scared myself.
  14. What's 20% of 54.99
  15. Probably should have the salad.
  16. Stamos