These are story pitches that I dreamt I pitched to Mad Magazine editors.
  1. Mad Men: Furby Road
    A classic Mash Up as Don Dapper hunts for Furbies in a post apocalyptic world
  2. Delirious 7
    7 Delirious Era Eddie Murphy's must steal a leather jacket to figure out who killed Arsenio Hall
  3. Pant-Man
    The story of a fashion superhero that has the ability to turn into a pair of pants. Now he must get these pants on a world class villain to find out his lineup for Fashion Week.
  4. Witch Work It! 2
    A team of College Witches get into a national dance contest and have to prove that they have the magic not only in their spells but also in their booties.
  5. Jurassic Bark
    In the future, the new cool pets are dog & velociraptor cross breeds. But guess what stuff doesn't go as planned. Dogs start to terrorize a neighborhood and its up to Chris Bratt and Jeff Goldfish to save the neighborhood.
  6. The Day after Tomorrow Land
    James Bond goes to Disneyworld and accidentally shoots the futuristic employees.
  7. Santa Madea
    The Rock stars as Madea as she starts an earthquake at the Northpole.