Sure it was good as it was but it could be some much more grittier and realistic.
  1. The Keebler Elves
    They are the Seal Team 6 of finding fudge other cookie ingredients.
  2. Matlock
    A lawyer show that mixes Frank Miller's Batman and A&E's Locked Up
  3. Different Strokes
    Maybe as an actual reality show
  4. Smurfs (and/or Snorks)
    Live action. Like the Hobbits in Lord of The Rings. Plus we really explore what it's like for a bunch of dudes to be around only one woman.
  5. Inspector Gadget
    Just like Wolverine and Robocop he was experimented on without consent. Now he's pissed.
  6. Clippie (The PaperClip from Microsoft Word)
    He's not going to help your grammar anymore.
  7. The Brady Bunch
    I see this as a CW drama
  8. Dog with a Blog
    Dog with a Tumblr? Dog with Periscope?
  9. Chutes and Ladders
    Self's about Drugs
  10. Snoopy
    A fighter pilot dog with PTSD who comes back home after a three tours in the Middle East.
  11. Fraggle Rock: The Doozers Take Control
    Suggested by @Ders808
  12. City Slickers
    A sexy, young Billy Crystal type heads on what he thinks will be a fun vacation, but turns out to be a hellish ordeal on a "SAW-like" dude ranch.
    Suggested by @QuinnBeswick
  13. Joey
    This startling depiction of what happens to aging pretty boys in LA when their acting careers don't work out will leave you asking yourself, "How YOU doin'?"
    Suggested by @SGGinNYC
  14. Small Wonder: The Singularity
    Suggested by @Jen
  15. Super Mario Bros.
    Back when Mario and Luigi were still plumbers trying to manage the family business. They're also go kart enthusiasts.
    Suggested by @eliolsberg