Things You Don't Know About "Crash Test" (the 1st Standup special...on a Bus)

Rob Huebel & I had an idea to take our weekly live stage UCB stage show and put it on a moving bus.
  1. The show premieres 1/22 at 11pm on Comedy Central and the cast is amazing.
  2. The bus we were on is literally one of a kind. We shipped it from New York. It's giant and is like driving a movie theater.
  3. We have a mini Human Giant reunion during the special. It's very rare to get all of us in the same place and we are pretty sure this guy is Aziz
  4. We staged a reunion of Reno 911 but legally we couldn't call Tom Lennon and Ben Garant Lt Dangle or Deputy Travis
  5. We are pretty sure Aubrey Plaza killed someone
  6. Lance Bangs choreographed and shot a live Music Video with Earl Sweatshirt on the Paramount back lot in one take.
  7. Regardless of what Rob Corrdry tells you he definitely fucks records
  8. We caught Jack Brayer on the Paramount Back Lot while he was shooting a terrible Sci-Fi-Action-Comedy-Romance-Children's Movie - about Space Ponies - it was never released
  9. We were very lucky to have Bob Ducca (Seth Morris) be our bathroom attendant
  10. Natasha Leggero performed her set with her Dog.
  11. Ian Karmel performed Stand Up comedy in the front of Hollywood & Highland and his act was sabotaged by a Johnny Depp lookalike.
  12. Andy Daly is the voice of the Bus and he's a lonely sad man. The bus not Andy.
  13. If you watch it - we'll get to make more and possible come to your town - unless your town sucks.
  14. Also and most importantly We couldn't have done this insane special without Ben Stiller, Mike Rosenstein, Jon Stern, Owen Burke & Nick Wiger