My thoughts as I watching this movie for the 1st time.
  1. Dave hates Family
    Note: I tuned in late.
  2. Dave has no definitive song writing style
  3. Dave refers to the Chimpmunks as his kids in one scene and in the next scene. He's like, we need to be friends. What?
  4. Every take they use on Dave's reaction shots to the Munks feels like they used the fake take you do as a bit after you do the real takes.
  5. Dave has a giant framed Bob Dylan poster on his wall and it's arguably not his best albums or one that people liked.
  6. As a parent I found the scene where David Cross drugs the Munks with Coffee to be disturbing.
  7. Dave seems like he's always scaring women away. Sometimes literally.
  8. Dave has Alan Thicke money.
  9. I feel like the reason why the Munks believe that Dave called them "rats" is because they deep down know he feels that way.
  10. Dave watches a lot of TV. He even watches Jillian Barberie in his bathroom. (In a scene that is lit like midnight but then is revealed to be morning.)
  11. Dave gave his Kids (the Munks) Saving Bonds for Xmas?!! He says they will mature in 7 years. What a liar. And a jerk.
  12. Dave drives like Toonces the cat.
  13. Is Dave dating Beth Behrs?
  14. I don't feel ever interacted with anyone in this movie. Even the humans.
  15. Dave's voice must be s loud and piercing that the Munks can hear his medium shout over a stadium sized crowd.
  16. There was just a Yippee Ky Ai from Die Hard joke. In a G movie.
  17. I feel like this movie a modern update on Pinocchio
  18. It is.
  19. Nope
    Just checked IMDB
  20. Dave doesn't seem excited to see the Munks when they rescue him. He's more like, "why are you here? How did that happen."
  21. Dave is has short fuse. He's freaks out over a light breaking. His his most angry in the whole movie is because of that. He shouldn't have children in that house. He's bipolar.
  22. I am now sitting thru the credits. To see if there are more scenes. I heard Thor shows up.